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Our Dedicated Volunteers who we will always keep close to our hearts...


Beverly White Yates

Beverly White Yates was a retired librarian of the Cleveland Public Library and a full-time holistic educator. She was singer of the 147 House Band and was a certified Belly Dance Instructor, serving various clients including the Cleveland Clinic. She inspired others through her action and by simply being a wonderful bright light.

February 19, 1953- October, 2018


Liz Webster Brown

Liz was a teacher at Twinsburg City Schools and tutored youth who needed extra help. She continued to share her love of learning and teaching as a Substitute Teacher and as an honorary recruiter for Eastern Michigan University.

She was extremely thoughtful and resourceful. When any one of us would ask her for something for work, home, an event, it... She would often say “I’m going to look in my garage first. Let me get back to you.” Nevertheless, many times asking wasn’t the question. Liz knew what folks would need and she would provide it before it came to mind. 

July 22, 1956 - October 19, 2018

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